MONICA ARAGAO - English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator
English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator
My name is Monica Aragao and Brazilian Portuguese is my native language.
As a professional translator my main focus is to provide individuals and corporations with high-quality English to Portuguese translation services, enabling my clients to effectively communicate with their business counterparts in an ever growing and competitive market.
My translations reflect meticulous attention to detail, accuracy, consistency, and cultural sensitivity. No effort is spared to select the correct terminology. Confidentiality is a top priority.
I provide a customized service for business clients by considering their immediate and long term needs, focusing on their target audience, the intended use of the translation and any issues that may arise with source texts in order to achieve the ultimate business solution.
About Translation
Translation is not a straightforward and mechanical process. There is no word-for-word relationship between two languages. Context, stylistic conventions, rules of grammar and other constraints must be taken into consideration when translating. The translator's job is to grasp the concept and purpose of the original document and re-write the message in the target language as faithfully as possible, while ensuring a natural flow to the translated text.
"A member of the American Translation Association" since 2008